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Awkward HTTYD Moments

Welcome to awkwarddragons, famous HTTYD blog for it's awkwardness :-)

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I am very sorry to announce this but awkward dragons is on hiatus till july. 

I do not wish to find out any more spoilers about the film be it in the form of a poster or trailer. In order to do this I am mass-muting [its like unfollowing but without actually unfollowing] loads of the httyd fandom who i am following (including some of my friends wah) 

This also means that i cannot run this sideblog for the time being so the ask box will be shut from today onwards. No submissions shall be taken for httyd2 until mod has watched the movie and even then awkward dragons shall not post any until august to give everyone a chance to watch the film.

thank you all for following this blog and it will come back - i promise - but for now there will be no more awkward dragons


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Anonymous asked : This is for Laura. Can you post a link to your personal blog?

There is one on awkwarddragons (left hand side ‘mod’)

But here ya go, it is an all-animation blog and you’ll probably get to know me a bit more if any of you are curious :D - but I don’t post 100% dragons so if that’s all you want then I wouldn’t suggest following me D:


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R.I.P. Sanity
Lost on booty day Never forgotten
graphrofbutt’s gifset that started it all 

why am i in a fandom where ‘dragons’ ‘nip’ and ‘butts’ are three commonly used words

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Based off toothianafairy’s post